Every decision we make regarding these t-shirts and the company

will be looked at through the lens of sustainability.

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Good T-Shirts for the World™

For us, good t-shirts mean starting with fibers which are sustainably grown – bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and pimacotton.  ONNO t-shirts are made in small, family-owned production environments where people are treated well.  ONNO buys carbon offsets to balance the harm we do by moving t-shirts from here to there.  ONNO’s home in Boulder, Colorado provides the setting where we continuously work to make you happy by creating the best t-shirt we can.

ONNO T-shirt company and our organic cotton t-shirts are Certified Global Organic Textile Standard. Our certificate number is OT-0260752.

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Our mission at Recover Brands is to create the best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible, and to educate and inspire those around us to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow.

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