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my story

My wardrobe is simple, but tasteful. My favorite article of clothing is a t-shirt. It is my go-to whether attending a meeting or going to a new brewery, under a jacket, a shirt, dressed up or down. The innerDialogue t-shirt line did not come out of a mission of passion or vision. Its creation came from my desire to find the perfect t-shirt: simple but not plain, sustainably made, and if possible — meaningful. Something I was having a hard time finding.

It was during this quest for the “perfect” fashion t-shirt, when another event happened; I was deciding to quit a project due to feelings of ineffectiveness, when I realized quitting was not the answer to moving forward. I just had to keep doing the work. I decided to make a shirt for myself with the saying “doing the work” as a reminder to myself.

It was when someone said, “Hey, I like that shirt”, that the seed of a t-shirt line was planted. It started to grow when another person, not only liked the shirt, but the fact that the saying was straightforward.

However, the idea of actually starting a t-shirt business, with various phrases, really took root after I struggled with my own inner dialogue: “who am I to do this”, “can I do this”, “what if I fail”, and “it probably will fail!”.

Thank goodness for those who encouraged and helped me ignore those negative conversations in my head. Don’t get me wrong, those conversations still surface occasionally, however, with encouragement and passion moving me forward, I instead say to myself “why not”. - Michelle Horan, Founder