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what we say to ourselves impacts how we see ourselves






In the quiet of our graphics is the strength of our voice.

The messages on our t-shirts are subtle, yet powerful — a reminder to ourselves, and perhaps those around us, of the “conversation” we want to have.   These are not messages of dreams, but of reality and work.  A message that can be interpreted in whatever way connects with you personally  —  a message that comes from a positive and inspirational place, but not full of fluff.    

InnerDialogue t-shirts are women’s cut, with a clean and simple design to be dressed up or down.  Sourced from sustainable companies, we offer two fits to cover various body types and preferences.  

InnerDialogues’ purpose is to share its good fortune with others.  Mental health, homelessness and the environment are the causes closest to our hearts.  75% of the profits will go to responsible organizations that tackle those issues.  In addition, with every item purchased, dollars will be matched by a family foundation.  

Embracing our diverse bodies

We want every BODY to feel comfortable in an innerDialogue t-shirt.

Each innerDialogue message can be purchased in two different t-shirt styles. Two different fits for a variety of different bodies and comforts.

True fit t-shirts — a crew neck that will slightly hug your body.

Relaxed fit — a gentle V-neck that gives you a bit more room to feel free.

Two different fits to accommodate different body types In both white and grey.

Two different fits to accommodate different body types In both white and grey.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is very important at innerDialogue.  Just as it is important to take care of our minds, we have to take care of the planet that sustains our bodies.  Finding the most sustainable t-shirts, that fit well, and are comfortable was paramount.  We decided to have two manufacturers be the host of the innerDialogue messages, because of their commitment to sustainability and because we realize there is no such thing as one size fits all. 

ONNO has created a soft, true fitting women’s t-shirt, made of 50% organic cotton and 50% organic bamboo.  

Recycle Brand t-shirts have a more relaxed fit, and are made of 50% up-cycled cotton and 50% PET or plastic bottles.

Click below to read more about both companies.

DISCLAIMER: A t-shirt cannot claim to change your life, but it can be a reminder of how to start.